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Domestic Hand Carry

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Domestic Hand Carry aims at time critical cargoes. Well-trained couriers are sent to make a special business trip to carry the goods by airplane or other exigent means of transportation if available. It’s one of the fastest ways of logistic solutions nowadays. Due to its highest level of timeliness, safety and confidentiality, your confidential document, high value goods or extremely time-critical cargoes can be delivered swiftly and safely to any city inside China by the way of door to door, door to airport and airport to airport.

Our staff will pick up the goods at your designated places, and your goods will be carried and controlled the whole-process by our specialized couriers. Once the goods arrival, it will be dispatched by our appointed car and courier.

Our headquarter is located in Shanghai, while branches and offices cover 30 provincial cities in China. 7*24 hr specialized service is available for ticket booking, picking up, flying, delivering and etc. Normally your exigent goods can be delivered to the destination within 12 hr. The cargoes we handle including automotive parts, aero materials, precious jewels, artworks, emergency documents, medical equipment as well as clinical samples, medicines, stem cells and etc.