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Speed-Line (NFO)

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Speed-Line was invented in 2014 by Speed Global as a type of emergency transportation solution. Soon it became a popular way of fast door to door transportation by air, especially for the cargoes over 50kg.

Hereby presented a sample of our speed-line service: Shanghai to Germany: The exporting usually takes 36-48 hrs to any destination in Germany; The importing service from Shanghai to European countries (e.g. Germany, Austria, Hungary and etc.) would be completed within 48 hrs.

Speed-Line is just one of the emergency logistic services provided by Speed Global. It applies to the customers who have high demand of time prescription yet still on a low budget. This is the fastest way of international express and air transportation, only second to the hand carry service. It is most applicable in the industries like automatic components and medical equipment and etc.

Why SPEED GLOBAL’s Speed-Line service?
1) Customized Operation:Our service will provide you a special scheme for you any time you contact us.

(2)Special Auto and Designated Person:Specialist and auto will be designated to undertake your delivery to maximize the safety and punctuality.

(3)Fast and Economical:The arrival time of the Speed line is similar to the Hand Carry service, but its price is very close to normal courier.

(4)Notifying Immediately:we will let you know the latest status of your goods actively via mail or message at the key point of cargo transportation.

5)Full-time Monitoring :Our system will monitor every track each step to ensure your goods will be delivered safely.