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Cold Chain Logistics

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    Speed Global is fully aware of its leading role in the field of global emergency logistic service, it also takes vigorous actions to explore the cold chain market.By far Speed Global has successfully developed the  customized service of cold chain transport to all types of biological pharmaceutics labs, clinical medical organizations, animal experiment centers and charity groups fund by local government.
    By far our clients include main institutions of central laboratory, medicine research and development, pharmaceutical R & D and sales, biological reagents, vaccines, stem cell immunotherapy, and clinical medical institutions. Products we have transported include blood samples, urine samples, DNA genes, muscle tissue sections, animals and plant specimens, and clinical medicines with temperature control requirements. Speed Global is one of the fastest and most professional cold chain logistics supplier in China especially in transporting stem cell and tempreture-controlled products. We can assist you in getting approval of the relevant licenses, the inspection and quarantine,the customs declaration, and temperature monitoring.


Regular Service
International and Domestic Life science cold chain transport
A. Temperature range: 2-8℃, 0-10℃,15-25℃,18-30℃,0-30℃,-20-(-80)℃(dry ice),-196℃(liquid nitrogen),normal temperature etc.

B. Time-limited service: 8h, 12h, 24h, 48h, next day and third day delivery.

C. Multiple transportation method: Air transportation, dedicated car transportation, high-speed rail transportation, handcarry


Why choose SpeedGL life science cold chain?

(1)Intelligent temperature control: through modern technology of Internet of things, we provide real-time monitoring through temperature control equipment, security warning, data analysis, on-site printing services.

(2)Professional packaging: professional and experienced engineers will design your customized cold chain packaging solutions based on your product characteristics and transportation conditions as well as distance, so you can just enjoy the convenience and ease;

(3)Safe and environment-friendly: the packing materials are recyclable HDPE and PU materials that are non-toxic and harmless, and friendly to the environment.

(4)Professional customer service: professional customer service team provide customers with 24h real-time cargo tracking service.Speed Global customer service Dept.will promptly update the goods in transit situation to you;

(5)Crisis management: we have a standardized crisis management program that allows emergency or remedial measures to be taken when all accidents occur.