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Speed Global obtained ISO international quality management system certification


    With the joint efforts of all staff, the reassessment work of ISO9001:2008 international quality management system has been completed and the Speed Global Limited company got the ISO international quality management system certification.



    On July 24th, NSF-ISR company carried out on-site audit of our company's quality management system according to ISO9001:2008 standard. The audit group agreed that with the company's advanced service, timely response, and effective management, the operation of quality management system comply with the ISO9001:2008 quality management system standards, and he rectification was carried out timely and effectively. Thereby, after tracked and verified by the audit group, all are in line with system standards and formally approved.

    Speed Global Limited is a professional provider of high-end logistics service enterprises. The company has a large number of professional courier with rich experience to provide delivery services. Speed Global Limited originally designed and launched Hand Carry Service( OBCS), UCB:Solution, Speed Cargo Express, SCCS (Speedy Customs Clearance Service) and other global high-end logistics services. In the field of International high-end logistics services, the company have maintained a leading position in the country. The company has cooperated with well-known enterprises (such as Tetra Pak, Samsung, SONY, BOSCH, etc.) and have gained high praises.and was trusted by the a great number of customers.


In the past few years, our company strictly abide by the requirements of ISO, continually improve the  quality of our product and service, and strictly implement national standards and industry standards. In our future work, we will spare no effort in respect of meeting customer needs, fulfilling corporate responsibility, improving service quality, and enhancing the credibility of enterprises.


To standardize the management of the company, improve product quality, and to meet customers growing demand for products, based on the business philosophy -- rapid execution, innovation, professional services, cooperation and win-win , the company will be dedicated to the promotion and development of high-end logistics industry after obtaining quality management system certification. In the execution process, to continuously improve product quality, and put forward new improvement methods, while strengthening customer liaison work, and well understanding and meeting customer requirements will be our responsibility.


In the future, following ISO standards of quality management, we will further deepen the reform of the business process, and strengthen the quality and service consciousness, to provide products with good quality and services for customers. And as a leader in this industry, we will be committed to promoting the development of high-end logistics industry.

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