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SpeedGL Staff Committed to Charity



Speed Global is high-end freight forwarder approved by the  Ministry of Commerce, the Department of Transportation,  General Administration of Customs and General Administration of Civil Aviation. Being committed to public welfare undertakings is part of the culture of our company. And more importantly, our  company encourages employees to be engaged in these activities.



    On April 17,2017, Ivy and Chris from Service Department  donated 2000 RMB to children from impoverished family in an effort to deal with their school problems on the behalf of Speed Global at Tencent Gongyi Net.  







    On April 18,2017, Mr.Zhu from Operation Department donated 1000 RMB in the program of Love Lunch for the Disabled. We hoped that this donation can help children in need to improve their lunch condition and add nutrition to their growth. 







Besides, there are many employees engaged in the public welfare undertakings in our company. For instance, Mr.Liu donated 200 RMB,Kitty and Miss Xiao donated 100 RMB relatively. Over the past 20 years, Speed Global has been continuously committed to public welfare undertakings. In the future, Speed Global will keep on making contributions to pubic.

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