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The staff of Speed Global has come to Children Medical Center for social donation.


Mr.Xie, the director of sale department in Speed Global, represented all staff to Shanghai Children Medical Center and AY Baby Home for social donation at 11 a.m. on Feb.11. They were greeted warmly by Ms. Zhang and other enthusiastic people from the Baby Home.

Our employees donated 11 boxes of milk powder which amounted to 92 cans of imported milk powder from Germany, carrying them to the Baby Homes office on the second floor. Besides, our staff had a good communication with Ms. Zhang. And they knew the history and status quo of present Baby Home. Ms.Zhang also expressed her gratitude to Speed Global for our donation. In the course of communication, our employees had an understanding of childrens situation from the Baby Home. Both of them were born with disability and abandoned by their parents. And loving moms from the Baby Home accepted them and provided them with good treatments. Whats more, many social people with love also helped them a lot.

Next, Ms.Zhang took our staff to the childrens living area. All the people needed to go though the disinfection procedures before entering into this area, which protected weak children against the bacteria. During the period of the disinfection, many children from the Baby Home played  with some unfamiliar employees from Speed Global very well. Besides, employees were surprised at children that were sensible and intelligent after they had build a close relationship with children. At the same time, they saw that children were innocent and joyful. At last, all staff showed that they would come to the Baby Home again and accompany these kind and innocent children.

Though the donation of this milk powder, we realized that there were a great deal of puny people that should arouse our attention. Though these children were abandoned, their fortunes would change as a result of joining the love community. They would be happy because an amount of people took care of them.

In fact, everyone will express their live though different ways. Being a volunteer,we should take our effort to take care of them. If you do that, you will calm down your mood and find out the meaning of our life. Meanwhile, the spirit of Speed Global is to appreciate society and return to society.

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